Doughnut shops across Devon?

Posted on Jan 4, 2021 in Devon Doughnut

By Chief Baker –

Within the Coffee and Doughnuts group, there is consensus that a public-facing programme is as important as making the Devon Doughnut itself. What would it look like if everyone in Devon (about a million people) took part in some way? How about finding opportunities to integrate a Devon Doughnut invitation into already-planned events? Or put on a series of Doughnut Hacks? Invite more ‘network nodes’ to join Coffee and Doughnuts (to represent every Doughnut segment)? Design Doughnut hubs or ‘shops’? What could be possible?

Marketing and communications practitioners in the Sharing task team are thinking about audiences and channels. Artists are thinking about the role of art and performance. Scientists are advocating for communities to create a demand for what they think should be measured.

All ideas are being captured and the conversation is widening.