‘Coffee and Doughnuts’ is a space dedicated to co-designing a Devon Doughnut. These online collective working sessions–described as “amazingly collaborative”– began as an open invitation on this platform as a follow-up to the Doughnut Economics session at the Regenerate Devon Summit with Rob Shorter from DEAL, which attracted 644 attendees from all over Devon, and a follow-up session with Ilektra Kouloumpi on the Amsterdam Doughnut.

Conceived as 6 sessions running from October 2020 to February 2021, the idea is simply to see how far we can get towards a first iteration of a Devon Doughnut. Facilitated by the Bioregional Learning Centre, each session is loosely structured, with local guests like Manda Brookman/Permanently Brilliant, convener of the very first Doughnut Hack in Cornwall in 2018. Participants represent themselves as individuals and so far we have backgrounds in food, water, energy, health and wellbeing, education, networks, social equity, design and art.

In the first two sessions we identified the challenge, a working statement of purpose and principles, then established three task teams focused on non-sequential roles: Planning, Making and Sharing a Devon Doughnut. Our ongoing co-design platform on Mural is here.

By the third session a clear perspective emerged: that Tourism could be a good way to frame the development of a Devon Doughnut. This drew out another perspective: that it’s vital to establish a foundational first iteration which can be shared and built upon, and ultimately put to use in evaluating many issues, of which tourism is one.

Having refocused on the task at hand–prototyping–we are generating an initial batch of ingredients to work with here starting with Kate’s original Doughnut recipe, but adding new ingredients–things we think should be measured. For example, Chris Gunson of Local Spark zeroed in on Income & Work and added, “How many ‘anchor’ institutions and large companies commit to being a ‘Good Employer’ or paying the ‘living’ wage?”

Would you like to participate? Let us know.