If you’re wondering what the heck a Devon Doughnut is, you can read about Kate Raworth’s broad concept of economics here, and who else is making Doughnuts and how they are going about it on the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) resource site here.

The Devon Doughnut Collective, convened by the Bioregional Learning Centre, has co-created a People’s Doughnut for Devon. Over the course of just one year we successfully created ‘health indicators’ for 22 domains (specific to Devon) and 44 ‘pathway for action’ projects–pathways for both citizens and policymakers.

Explore the Devon Doughnut on the homepage by clicking into a domain that interests you, for example Waste, Biodiversity or Education. Once you have looked at all the domains you’ll notice their interconnectedness. After all, how can you think about mental health without considering access to nature and education? Imagine if civil society and policymakers got to work alongside each other, each in their own way, to implement all these projects–without getting bogged down in the pitfalls of net-zero thinking… we would know so much more about Devon’s assets and have taken practical steps across multiple systems, learning about the ways they link up–reflecting the findings back onto the Doughnut diagram so we could track change.

Would you like to fund the next phase of our Doughnut work? Get in touch.