In the making

Welcome! We are the Devon Doughnut Collective, a group of Devon Doughnut Makers on a mission to co-create the first iteration of a Devon Doughnut. We are asking, “Could a dashboard of some kind help to provide a picture of how Devon is faring ecologically and economically? Would this be useful to people living and working here? If so, how, and to do what?”

Our approach

We are placing equal importance on three task streams in developing a Devon Doughnut.

Planning Planning

The strategy team is looking at a unifying process that connects different levels and sectors.

Making Making

The metrics team is looking at keystone indicators, doughnut segments, dashboards and scale.

Sharing Sharing

The participation/outreach team is looking at communications, a public programme, widespread engagement.

Revitalizing What is Vital

Revitalizing What is Vital

Posted on Sep 11, 2021 in Devon Doughnut, Regenerative design, Systems

By William F. Schmick IV – How The Devon Doughnut Collective in the UK is changing the story around unmet social needs and planetary collapse to create a “Space for Revitalization” The Devon Doughnut Collective, based in Devon in the south west of England—a landscape that’s both rural and urban—works with data and narrative storytelling […]

What to measure is not as clear as it seems

What to measure is not as clear as it seems

Posted on May 25, 2021 in Devon Doughnut, Regenerative design, Systems

By Paul Pivcevic – The vision the doughnut offers us is of a safe and just space for humanity, and a renewed economy that is both redistributive and regenerative. We just need to act, and ‘move the needle’ – and quickly, we chide ourselves. It’s not quite that simple though.  The Devon Doughnut Collective that […]

Reflections on Doughnut Economics

Reflections on Doughnut Economics

Posted on Feb 24, 2021 in Devon Doughnut

By Cllr Joseph Rose – Doughnut Economics is a flagship for the emergent regenerative economics movement. In this video Cllr Joseph Rose (SHDC) shares his reasons for working with the Devon Doughnut Collective to create a ‘Devon Doughnut’.

From inside the kitchen 

We’re updating this slide deck regularly to track the progress made in our sessions (and in between) by the Devon Doughnut Makers.

The Regenerate Devon team were looking for ripples, initiatives and prototypes to come out of the Regenerate Devon Summit. We are happy to share that the ‘Devon Doughnut Makers’ have received a small pot of Summit money to establish this website.
Many thanks to our friends!

Voices from the community

“I found the last session on employment absolutely brilliant. It was energising and hopeful to be a part of a collaborative group seeking innovative strategies to build a healthy and sustainable local economy. I was motivated by the mix of people and ideas and look forward to my continuing involvement.”

- Dr. Louise MacAllister

“I think we have some great foundations in Plymouth. e.g. how would Plymouth Trauma Informed Network inform the Doughnut? What measures would Environment Plymouth bring? What measures of equity would we use? What could we use to measure collaboration?”

- Matt Bell

“I’m a ‘let’s get on with it’ person… from the perspective of working with other officers at DCC, I think that the urgency of creating a Devon Doughnut is about making sure that current decisions don’t have a negative social or environmental impact. The challenge will be to square that with immediate and short term funding from central government and to use the Doughnut to help us Build Back Better.”

- Polly Frost